LHC to start colliding at 7 TeV tonight


Jeremy Clarkson - MORE POWER!

The Large Hadron Collider reports that, at this very moment, the two particle beams are each circulating at 3.5 TeV, for a total of 7 TeV of energy. The beams are not colliding yet, but so far everything appears stable, and they say they may begin collisions as early as 1 am EST. 7 TeV collisions will be by far the most energetic ever produced (the previous record, 2.4 TeV, was set by the LHC last fall), and it’s the highest power the LHC will operate at until 2012, when the upgrades that let it run at its maximum design potential of 14 TeV will be complete.

Exciting stuff. Let’s find that Higgs boson.

(This is my first post, and will hopefully signal getting this blog back off the ground.)


One Response to “LHC to start colliding at 7 TeV tonight”

  1. I like the Clarkson. “POWEEERRRRRRR!!!!”

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