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A few days ago, Google announced an updated version of Google Docs, their cloud-based collaborative document-editing software. There are essentially three major components to Google’s announcement: architecture, features, and Drawing. From Google’s point of view, the architecture change is the biggest difference. Google says that the underlying software powering Google Docs (whatever it was) has […]

Last week my assignment in Systems Programming was to take a vulnerable program- for which we were not provided the source code, only the executable binary- and figure out how to hack it and make it do what we want. Specifically, the program, called “server”, would ask us to put in our NetID (Cornell’s equivalent […]

It’s really too bad to see that Palm isn’t doing so well, since they have one of the best- the best, in many respects- smartphone OS on the market. Despite all the excitement in the days immediately before and after the launch of the Pre, sales have not been particularly good, and Palm stock is […]

Stargate Universe didn’t get off to the greatest of starts, I know. The interpersonal drama was heavy-handed and poorly executed, the similarities to BSG were painfully obvious, and the self-contained plots weren’t sustaining interest all that well. But since the second half of season 1 started the Friday before last, I think things have gotten […]

The New York Times has ran two pieces in the past two days relating to China and its currency. The first is that Timothy Geithner met with the Chinese vice prime minister, Wang Qishan, yesterday. Like so many diplomatic meetings, especially those involving China, both parties probably tried their hardest not to say anything of […]

Some people hate the iPhone. And that’s okay; we live in a free society after all, you’re welcome to hate whatever you want. Apple just made justifying your position a lot more difficult with their iPhone OS 4.0 presentation though. When I look at the list of reasons people give for disliking the iPhone, Apple […]

The DigiPen Institute of Technology is kind of like to game designers what Stanford is to computer scientists: other colleges make them, but these guys make the best. It was actually a team of students from DigiPen that made Narbacular Drop, the game that caught the attention of Valve, got the kids hired, and served […]