YouAlex_w_collared_shirt probably guessed this from the name and URL of the site, but my name is Alex Slover. I’ve spent the better part of my life in the scenic Lakes Region of New Hampshire, but at the moment I’m studying Computer Science at Cornell University. I’m still not sure exactly what discipline of computing I’m going to focus on… application development, compiler design, system programming and cryptography are all fascinating to me. Guess I’ll have to give each one a shot. At this point, it’s looking like I may do a minor in math or physics, and I hope to get a few semesters of Japanese under my belt. Those are more hobby-ish.

It’s not all work though. Some of my programming endeavors are purely for my own amusement (I’ve developed a recent fascination with Arduino boards, for example), and I even do things for fun that don’t involve computers. Kayaking in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, and in those in-between seasons I’ll hop on my bike if I have the time. I’m a collaborator on a slow-but-steady animated film, and I sit down in front of a chessboard from time to time (my USCF rating’s in the tank though… gotta’ fix that…)

As you can see in my résumé, I’ve got a great deal of both practical experience and textbook knowledge in computing, despite being only a sophomore. I am always eager to learn new skills, and chances are I’d be more than happy to jump on whatever software projects you feel like throwing my way. Hope to hear from you!


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