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It’s really too bad to see that Palm isn’t doing so well, since they have one of the best- the best, in many respects- smartphone OS on the market. Despite all the excitement in the days immediately before and after the launch of the Pre, sales have not been particularly good, and Palm stock is […]

The New York Times has ran two pieces in the past two days relating to China and its currency. The first is that Timothy Geithner met with the Chinese vice prime minister, Wang Qishan, yesterday. Like so many diplomatic meetings, especially those involving China, both parties probably tried their hardest not to say anything of […]

The Large Hadron Collider reports that, at this very moment, the two particle beams are each circulating at 3.5 TeV, for a total of 7 TeV of energy. The beams are not colliding yet, but so far everything appears stable, and they say they may begin collisions as early as 1 am EST. 7 TeV […]