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When you graduate from college with a CS degree, potential employers aren’t terribly interested with the knowledge you gained from your classes. I mean, they are, but what they care about more is how well you can meet project deadlines, how quickly you can start working with their codebase/algorithms/platforms when you start the job, can […]

I’ve been putting this off for several months now (meant to do it way back at the end of April), but I’m finally getting my butt in gear and shutting down my Facebook page. When I say “shutting down”, I mean as in total deletion, not just stopping using it. I’ve mentioned this plan to […]

Fenced in


You may have heard: Cornell has had a total of 6 suicides this year, 3 in the space of a single decidedly sobering month. Although we sort of have a reputation as a school where this is frequent, before this year it hadn’t happened at all since 2006, and only sporadically before that. Clearly it […]