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Last week my assignment in Systems Programming was to take a vulnerable program- for which we were not provided the source code, only the executable binary- and figure out how to hack it and make it do what we want. Specifically, the program, called “server”, would ask us to put in our NetID (Cornell’s equivalent […]

Fenced in


You may have heard: Cornell has had a total of 6 suicides this year, 3 in the space of a single decidedly sobering month. Although we sort of have a reputation as a school where this is frequent, before this year it hadn’t happened at all since 2006, and only sporadically before that. Clearly it […]

My current project in Natural Language Processing is to make a “language model” that is capable of generating random sentences. When I say “random” though, I don’t mean purely random- as in, the program picks words completely willy-nilly, which would produce gibberish like “helped spring to ferocious city while gaps thereby progression”. Instead, what the […]