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Last time a new version of Mac OS X came out, I upgraded right away. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake— the .0 release of Snow Leopard froze up a lot and even KP’d on me a couple times. Everything was cleared up with the .1 release not even two weeks […]

A few days ago, Google announced an updated version of Google Docs, their cloud-based collaborative document-editing software. There are essentially three major components to Google’s announcement: architecture, features, and Drawing. From Google’s point of view, the architecture change is the biggest difference. Google says that the underlying software powering Google Docs (whatever it was) has […]

Some people hate the iPhone. And that’s okay; we live in a free society after all, you’re welcome to hate whatever you want. Apple just made justifying your position a lot more difficult with their iPhone OS 4.0 presentation though. When I look at the list of reasons people give for disliking the iPhone, Apple […]

The DigiPen Institute of Technology is kind of like to game designers what Stanford is to computer scientists: other colleges make them, but these guys make the best. It was actually a team of students from DigiPen that made Narbacular Drop, the game that caught the attention of Valve, got the kids hired, and served […]

Lots of people formed very strong opinions about the iPad when it was first announced. As is typical for Apple products, these generally fell into one of two categories: people gushing that it was an incredible piece of magical technology that would change everything, and the usual contingent of Apple-basers with their laundry list of […]